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For this summer we have taken important decisions in the measurement of safety and hygiene, and where it will be taken other measures, according to the law, we them, we shall always follow with diligence and attention. This is to be sure to guarantee you a pleasant holiday and safe like every year!

During your stay in the hotel, in order to protect the safety of all, please pay attention to keep the distance interpersonal request, either from the other guests by our staff. Also, don't forget to wear the mask in public areas. If you have one, do not worry, you give us!

Also, we give you the ability to check-in online, just let us know how to do this, we will explain everything in detail before your arrival.

Of course, each member of our staff will wear personal protective equipment appropriate to the task being performed and will be ready to help in case of doubts and questions on the new rules in the hotel. In any case, we will send you before your arrival an email with everything you need to know.

You can igienizzarti hands all the times that you want, thanks to the columns with a hygienic, alcohol-based, which we placed in the main entrances, in the hallways and in the dining room.

We have posted special posters with the behaviors to be observed for a proper hotel stay, but if you have any doubts, please ask a member of our staff will be happy to answer you in detail.

To better protect your health, clean frequently, with appropriate cleaning and with more care than usual in the public areas, the furnishings and the objects contained therein. Also, it will be carried out, always with the greatest attention to the routines of hygiene and sanitation is already very present and attentive in our facilities.

Always to our rooms, we have adopted the protocols of hygiene and sanitation very accurate and careful. This year, to be even more meticulous, we bought the nebuliser for use at each change in customer and during the stay if required.

Moreover, every cleaner has his personal kit and every change room will be changed also all the materials used (cloth, rags, gloves).

On request you can eat all meals comfortably in the room.

At the table you'll get even more space than usual, in fact in our great room restaurant not only do we have spaced the tables as provided by the law, but we also removed those too to promote the circulation of the guests.

During the meal there will be our rich buffet breakfast, protected by dividers in plexiglass.

The breakfast will be held, as every year, in our large outdoor terrace.

At lunch and dinner you can choose between 3 options for the first and for the second courses, will not miss dessert and buffet of appetizers and vegetables. Subject to the agreement, you will be able to eat all meals in room or on request, we'll prepare you a basket of sandwiches, more fresh fruit and dessert from eat on the beach. Alternatively, you can take advantage of one of the restaurants in the area with which we have agreements.

At the Hotel we do not reject absolutely the fun! Like every year, we look forward to offer you our Sunday aperitif. The only difference with respect to past years will be held with a buffet that is protected by dividers in plexiglass.

And, of course, also in this festive occasion, we ask that you be careful to respect the interpersonal request, either from the other guests by our staff..

In our beach you will have even more space and privacy because each umbrella will be properly spaced from one another. Please remember to wear the mask until you reach for your umbrella that, along with sun loungers and deck chairs will be disinfected after each guest change.

In addition, this year you will be able to eat meals take away or delivery sitting comfortably under a beach umbrella: ask for our basket of lunch with sandwiches, fresh fruit and desserts, we will be happy to fornitelo.

Our swimming pool is waiting for you to alternate the fun of the beach with the relaxation: it has been scientifically proven as the chlorine is able to prevent the spread of the virus.

We hold, however, that the safety distances are complied with, then we'll enter the water up to 8 people, and access to the terrace will be limited to respect the distance of a meter .

Also, our tub will be used by one person at a time, with sanitation at every guest change and control on the part of the lifeguard.

We have an eye for our little guests and their safety is always particularly close to my heart. That's why we decided to divide all the children that will be present into small groups, which will be supplied with gloves and masks to be able to play and paint.

The premises and the equipment used will be disinfected thoroughly. In addition, our staff will be in charge of enforcing the safe distance, watching her in turn.

Book your holiday at the Hotel without worries: we decided to facilitate you, by changing our cancellation policy. In fact, at the time of booking you will be asked for no deposit and you can cancel it without penalty. We will contact you 7 days before your arrival to remind you of the booking being made.

Also, for those who might have already paid the deposit but is unable to come, we issue a voucher valid for up to 12 months from the date of issue.

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